Convention Preparations in Full Swing as Registration Approaches

This week has been a busy one at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Chicago.  Columbus Drive has been abuzz with activity since early in the week, when the National staff started to arrive at the site of the NPMHU’s 2016 National Convention.  Truckloads of Convention materials were unloaded into the Hotel’s State Room, and then were opened and organized by staff members from the National Office.

On Tuesday, members of the National Executive Board kicked off a week of productive pre-meetings.  The NEB talked Convention preparation and procedure over the course of two days.  The Board also had time to address issues not pertaining to the Convention, as this week’s meetings served the dual purpose of being a general session for the NEB.

Soon to arrive after the NEB were members of the Credentials and Constitution Committees, each of which met on Thursday.  These committees conducted follow-up meetings, as many issues have emerged since their last meetings in May and June, respectively.  The Credentials Committee discussed registration, credentialed newly appointed delegates, and reviewed the progress it made remotely over the past couple of months.  During that period, via mail and email, the Credentials Committee had approved the substitution of delegates, the issuing of credentials, and other issues.

The Constitution Committee prepared for the many hours of discussion that will occur on the Convention floor next week.  It not only reviewed the committee’s recommended amendments to the National and Uniform Local Union Constitutions, but also prepared to field questions about those proposals not recommended by the committee.

Only a couple doors down, the National Union’s staff was working tirelessly on assembling materials needed for both the delegates and the Convention.  Their tasks were made more difficult than expected, as several days earlier, the National Office was victimized by a power outage in Washington, DC.  NPMHU employees were unable to access the server, and could not even come in to the office to move the Convention preparation forward.  As a result, the staff had to work even harder the past couple of days to make up for lost time.  Their dedication and perseverance does not go unappreciated.

On Friday, three more committees held preparatory meetings.  First, the Rules Committee met to establish and approve the set of rules that will govern proceedings at the Convention.  Next up were both the Legislative & Political and Resolution Committees, both of which reviewed their proposed resolutions and the resolutions that they did not propose, with the understanding that all submitted resolutions might be discussed by the delegates at the Convention next week.

Finally, meeting on Saturday was the Election Committee that supervises the election needed to select the Judges of Election for this year’s election of National Officers.  This Committee has produced a videotape to explain the weighted, yet secret, voting process used by the NPMHU, and will work all day and night Monday to conduct this election in time for Tuesday’s officer nominations.

With delegates slated to arrive starting Sunday, and registration just around the corner, the Convention scheduled for next week in Chicago is expected to be action-packed and memorable.