In a summer filled with conventions, this year’s NPMHU 2016 Convention is scheduled to take place in Chicago, Illinois over six days from August 22 through August 27.  Throughout July, various committees comprised of delegates elected to the 2016 NPMHU National Convention have been meeting at NPMHU Headquarters in Washington, DC, all geared toward ensuring that the Convention proceedings will be organized and that the delegates will have the tools necessary to set the course for the NPMHU for the next four years. 

 The Credentials Committee has now certified and issued credentials for all of the delegates attending the Convention, with changes made only as individual delegates withdraw in favor of elected alternates; the Committee to Elect the Election Committee has met to adopt rules and procedures for the selection of this year’s Election Committee; the Constitution Committee has developed its recommendations on constitutional amendments; the Legislative Committee has endorsed various legislative and political resolutions; and the Resolutions Committee is recommending a host of important statements of NPMHU policies and activities.

 In August, prior to the Convention, these Committees will continue to meet to address intervening developments, and to fine tune their presentations.  Also meeting will be the Convention’s Rules Committee, which will draft and recommend all of the rules that will govern the actual proceedings and debates to be held during the six days of meetings. 

 Final written reports from each of these committees will be distributed, upon registration, to the delegates attending the Convention.  Whether you call it the Windy City, the Second City, Chi-Town, or the City of Big Shoulders, everyone is looking forward to a productive week at the 2016 National Convention in Chicago.

Source: July 2016 Update