NPMHU Passes Seventeen Resolutions

In Thursday’s proceedings, delegates at the 2016 National Convention engaged in respectful and intelligent debate over the resolutions put forward by the two final convention committees.

First, Legislative and Political Committee Chair Rudy Santos read through that committee’s four remaining recommendations.  All were positively received, especially the final resolution that contained an endorsement of Hillary Clinton for U.S. President.  Posters and buttons were passed out to the delegates, who waved them in celebration.

With the NPMHU endorsement complete, it was time to move on to labor-related resolutions.  President Hogrogian introduced members of the Resolutions Committee, including its chair Lawrence Sapp.  Sapp thanked members of the committee for all their hard work in developing the nine resolutions before the delegates.

After spirited debate over a couple of the resolutions on the floor, delegates moved to pass all nine, some unanimously, some nearly so.  A list of the approved resolutions is below:


Resolution No. 1   Trade and Globalization

Resolution No. 2   Voting Rights for All

Resolution No. 3   Raise the Minimum Wage

Resolution No. 4   Change the USPS Board of Governors

Resolution No. 5   Postal Reform

Resolution No. 6  Campaign Finance Reform

Resolution No. 7   Universal Voter Registration and Vote by Mail

Resolution No. 8   Endorsement of Hillary Clinton for U.S. President


Resolution No. 1   Dignity, Respect, and Justice in the Workplace

Resolution No. 2   Boycott Nabisco Products Made in Mexico

Resolution No. 3   Supporting the U.S. Mail

Resolution No. 4   Build a Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service

Resolution No. 5   Oppose USPS Plans to Downsize or Reduce Service

Resolution No. 6   In Opposition to Plans to Privatize the Postal Service

Resolution No. 7   Support the Black Lives Matter Movement and Work for Racial Justice

Resolution No. 8   Buy Union – Buy American

Resolution No. 9   Supporting a Union Shop

Also on the docket were video addresses from Congressman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-CA), and Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).  The delegates also got a chance to laugh at themselves, as they watched a video of National President Hogrogian and his semi-successful attempt to throw out the first pitch at a recent Mets-Padres game at Citi Field, as well as the official “Power of You” blooper reel.

On Saturday, delegates will have a chance to vote on the location for the next National Convention in 2020.