Any member or group of members of the NPMHU who wish to submit proposals for consideration by the delegates at the 2020 National Convention must follow the requirements set forth in the NPMHU National Constitution.

As set forth in Article XII of the National Union Constitution, the delegates to the 2020 National Convention will consider and vote upon amendments to both the NPMHU National Constitution and the Uniform Local Union Constitution that governs all Local Unions affiliated with the NPMHU.

In addition, the current National Constitution also sets forth the governing procedure for the consideration of resolutions, whether related to legislation or other topics of interest to mail handlers.

Should you have any constitutional amendments or resolutions that you would like to propose, please be sure to follow the procedures set forth in Article XII of the National Constitution.  Because the opening of the National Convention is now set for Monday, August 8, 2022, all submissions must be received at the National Office no later than Friday, June 10, 2022, which is sixty days prior to the opening of the National Convention.

The address for submitting any proposed amendments or resolutions is:

NPMHU 2020 National Convention
815 16th Street NW, Suite 5100
Washington, DC 20006

Together with your proposal, it would be best if you also explained the purpose of your proposal and the reasoning behind it.  In this way, the Committees reviewing all submissions will understand your intent in making the proposal.  Such explanations are not required, however, as long as you submit your proposals on or before the June 10, 2022 deadline.