2020 Delegate Election Timeline Reminder

Please note that the scheduled deadline by which the Judges must certify and post the delegate election results, and to provide the NST's office with those certified results, is March 25, 2020.  Please also note the requirement that the Judges complete and submit to the NST, again no later than March 25, 2020, the completed Notice to National Office of Elected Delegates to 2020 National Convention.   That form requires submission of each delegate’s Employee Identification Number (EIN), which will assist the National Office in properly identifying the elected delegates and alternate delegates in our computer system as we prepare for the Convention proceedings. That form appears in the 2020 Rules for Delegate Elections as Appendix L.

The negotiated nightly sleeping room rate was subject to government per diem fluctuations and will be $195 for single/double occupancy and $220 for triple occupancy, before taxes and other expenses.  These rates are in accordance with the 2020 government per diem at the time of the convention. 

We have received several questions about payment and collection of the 2020 NPMHU Convention registration fee. As you will recall, in June 2019, the National Executive Board approved a registration fee of one-hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) per delegate. Each Local Union will be required to pay this registration fee for each delegate who will be representing the Local Union at the National Convention. NST Hora will be sending additional details about the collection of the National Convention registration fee in the coming weeks.

February 27, 2020 - Secretary-Treasurer Memorandum (pdf)